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First IGCSE school in Madurai
Vikaasa in Sanskrit means "to blossom"
Dedicated to producing leaders of the future
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Palette 2017

The Prep 2 & Grade 2 students geared up for a spectacular cultural event , Palette 2017 Junior School on 21st of September 2017 between 11:00 AM and 12:30 PM . The event enthralled the parents as well as the entire school.

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First Semester Exams commence

The First Semester for the grade 5 and above will begin on 3rd October 2017 .  

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Interhouse Talent Fiesta - Genesis-2017-2018

The Junior and Senior Interhouse Talent Fiesta Genesis is scheduled for 12.08.2017 and 15.08.2017 respectively .The culmination of the events on 15th August 2017 was convened to extend the Independence Day celebration and to involve the parents too in the joy of their children’s activities. Events will happen between 8:45AM and 10:45AM on Tuesday [15.08.2017] and parents are cordially invited. 

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Inter House Basketball Match

The first Inter house Basketball match was held on 25.07.2017 and 26.07.2017,in the newly constructed court of VWS grounds. The thrilling match brought out the champion players and Ganga House walked away with the trophy. 

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The School Management, Principal and Staff Congratulate the Students for the Excellent Results in the Cambridge International Exams held in JUNE 2017


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The Prep 2 & Grade 2 students geared up for a spectacular cultural event , Palette 2017 Junior School on 21st of September 2017 between 11:00 AM an...
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Welcome To Vikaasa World School

Vikaasa World School (VWS) is the first IGCSE School in Madurai. IGCSE syllabus is offered by the University of Cambridge, London, U.K., and is one of the two most popular syllabi in International schools across the globe. VWS will attempt to prepare the children to be ready for life in any part of the globe.

Vikaasa in Sanskrit means "to blossom". At the Vikaasa group of schools, every child gets the opportunity to blossom into a special flower under the nurturing care of a team of educators who take joy and pride in enabling their individuality to bloom.

Vikaasa is a name that has been synonymous with quality education since 1969. While it was originally started for the children of the expat employees of Madura Coats Ltd. it had opened its portals for all the discerning parents of Madurai since it was taken over by The Vikas Trust in 2004. Vikaasa has been a pioneer in the field of education in Madurai being the first ICSE school of Tamil Nadu. It was the pioneer in introducing Montessori style of education to this part of the country. While it certainly can take pride in nurturing hundreds of students who have gone on to become achievers and stalwarts in their own right, Vikaasa has the unique distinction of also having nurtured several educators who have gone on to establish other schools of repute in and around the city. 

And now, while globalization is starting to affect every facet of our life, Vikaasa brings Global education to Madurai with the launching of its third school – Vikaasa World School.

Vikaasa World School (VWS) strives at providing an environment conducive for holistic development of children, where children -

  • learn happily without being deprived of the pleasures of childhood,

  • question freely without fear of censure,

  • engage in activities without the pressures of reward and punishment,

  • participate actively in the relevant, age-appropriate and applicative learning process,

  • find ample opportunity for creative expression,

  • live to be world citizens, without prejudices,

  • enjoy simple cooperative living in harmony with nature.